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Sanchez Live in London

Sanchez & Friends in London

It was a long wait but Sanchez final came back to London. Everyone who was anyone was in attendance eve n the Jamaican high commissioner.


Every performer delivered and by the time Sanchez came on stage the crowd was rearing to go.

Etana (The Strong One) performed first and  the pictures from here performance are here  

And some love from the man himself on Instagram

Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram

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Junior Kelly @ Rototom Festival 2014

Junior Kelly was set to go on, the crowds started to gather, Rory from Stone Love introduced him, the band went on stage , anticipation peaked and then …


The Rain,

Not your normal rain but some mad thunder and lighting hurricane type rain.

Die hard Jr. Kelly Fans sticking it out in the hurricane rain


Thousands of people ran for cover,even  the band had to leave the stage, the die hard few  did stick it out though.

All we could do at that point was wait , and wait, half an hour later the clouds parted and it was Spain again as if it had never happened.

Fellow Photographers tell me this happens every year and it was worse when the show was in Italy .

Once it was all over Rory from Stone Love re introduced Junior Kelly  and he took to the stage, he was on top form making up for lost time.  His band and backing Vocalists were on fire as well..

Marcia Griffiths the Queen of Reggae Music

Marcia Griffiths London 2012

This is a bit of a throw back, but I cant leave out the Queen of Reggae music the great Marcia Griffiths .

This was a performance she did in London for the I Love Jamaica Day 2012.

As expected she stole the show ..