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Tripped and Falling a rock band from Trinidad

Tripped and Falling

Tripped and falling a rock band from Trinidad.

Sadly they broke up, they were destined for big tings. I am not too sure why they broke up but while they wer together they rocked it like they owned it..  I aint no Rock fan but theses guys had some real talent and their energy was infectious. Maybe ist a good thing they split or I might have become a rock groupie ..lol

This shoot was from waaay  back in 2006 so one of my first live event shoots so don’t judge me too harshly on this set. Tell me what you think leave a comment below


Here is a Tripped and Falling Video, the story I heard was they strapped a video camera to an old microwave motor and did the  whole video in a day ..  maad !!