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Richie Stephens @ the Hootananny Brixton

Richie Stephens Say “dem haffi refurbish in yah wen we done mash it up tonight”…

who a go pay fi dat Richie?

Richie gwan wid a maaad show, crowd never have a chance fi stop forward..

Stushie “Reggae’s new born” had the crowd moving from early so by time Richie Stephens come on di place did tun up !!

Rehearsals For Sean Paul’s Oberhausen Show

A look at some of the work that goes into putting on a big show ..  It was crazy to see the amount of people it takes to put this type of show together, then pack it all up and move it to the next city ..


Let me know what you think ..


Sanchez Live in London

Sanchez & Friends in London

It was a long wait but Sanchez final came back to London. Everyone who was anyone was in attendance eve n the Jamaican high commissioner.


Every performer delivered and by the time Sanchez came on stage the crowd was rearing to go.

Etana (The Strong One) performed first and  the pictures from here performance are here  

And some love from the man himself on Instagram

Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram
Sanchez response on Instagram

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Lucciano the Messenjah

Lucciano the Messenjah

Every time I look at theses pictures all I can hear is the MessenJah singing  “Sweep over my soul..”

Such a powerful voice every Reggae fan should see him live at least once, guaranteed to entertain, even had me singing along.

Parang London 2014 Miguel Barradas

Parang 2014 with the Cocoyea crew

This was Parang with a difference – pan and pastelle @ the Flyover  Performances by Miguel Barradas, Alexander D Great, Tobago Crusoe and many more.

This was my first Parang, not something we do in Jamaica but I really enjoyed the whole night and these old boys know how to entertain.



Mark Bell on drums Studio shoot

Mark Bell in Studio

So one of the baddest drummers I have come across Mark Bell @markbellondrums (Sean Paul’sDrummer), was in town and allowed me to tag along to a studio session he had booked. The light wasn’t the best so I had to improvise a little but the way Mark was banging them drums was insane.

Check out Mark’s Band Aligns here 


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Tripped and Falling a rock band from Trinidad

Tripped and Falling

Tripped and falling a rock band from Trinidad.

Sadly they broke up, they were destined for big tings. I am not too sure why they broke up but while they wer together they rocked it like they owned it..  I aint no Rock fan but theses guys had some real talent and their energy was infectious. Maybe ist a good thing they split or I might have become a rock groupie ..lol

This shoot was from waaay  back in 2006 so one of my first live event shoots so don’t judge me too harshly on this set. Tell me what you think leave a comment below


Here is a Tripped and Falling Video, the story I heard was they strapped a video camera to an old microwave motor and did the  whole video in a day ..  maad !!

Junior Kelly @ Rototom Festival 2014

Junior Kelly was set to go on, the crowds started to gather, Rory from Stone Love introduced him, the band went on stage , anticipation peaked and then …


The Rain,

Not your normal rain but some mad thunder and lighting hurricane type rain.

Die hard Jr. Kelly Fans sticking it out in the hurricane rain


Thousands of people ran for cover,even  the band had to leave the stage, the die hard few  did stick it out though.

All we could do at that point was wait , and wait, half an hour later the clouds parted and it was Spain again as if it had never happened.

Fellow Photographers tell me this happens every year and it was worse when the show was in Italy .

Once it was all over Rory from Stone Love re introduced Junior Kelly  and he took to the stage, he was on top form making up for lost time.  His band and backing Vocalists were on fire as well..

Outkast- BigBoi & Andre3000

Outkast BigBoi and Andre3000

I had a sort of half chance to shoot Outkast from Side stage.

I wasn’t going top let the opportunity pass even though I got my pit pass pulled at the last minuet.

Side stage is not the ideal situation but I had to make some lemonade with theses apples I was handed . So I grabbed the longest lens I had with me 70-200F2.8 and took a few shots.

Not my best work but its Outkast!!!



Equipment Used

Nikon D300

Nikon 70-200F2.8

ISO 500-800