Sean Paul on Stage with Fuse ODG

Night out In London with Sean Paul and the Crew

Well I say crew,  some of them anyway.

So as usual I get a ping at 4 o’clock in the evening from the man himself, the convo goes something like this:

SP: yow we deh yah, mi fi get fi link you, we a touch road lata you a forward ?

Me: what time ?

SP: we a move fi 7 ..

Now those of you that know London will know that from my endz in the SE up to West End, is an hour in regular traffic ten times worse in rush hour. But the thing is, I was in Swindon!!! So for legal reasons  I won’t tell you how, but I managed to get from Swindon to my yard pick up my camera, hold a fresh and get to West End in two and a half hours.

First stop was a guest appearance on Fuse ODG’s show at the Indigo O2. Fuse and his crew have a crazy energy so when SP came out the place almost caught fire.

Next stop was the swanky Tape Club Hanover Sq,  London West End.  A few of UK Dancehall royalty passed through Stylo Gee, DJ Quincy to name a few, and we even had a impromptu performance from Pleasure P .

Mad night that ended up at a Greek restaurant on Edgware road eating Chicken shish.

Let me know what you think..